Join the beautiful experiment on conveyed by the multidisciplinary artist Suyoung (artist name Gong won).

This interactive workshop comprises three types of experiments related to the concept of ‘gaze‘:

1.Gaze focused on a specific part of the body.
2.Gaze within the space between individuals.
3.Intense gaze directed at the other person’s eyes.

We will explore the use of gaze through the eyes of the body, and express it through writing or drawing.

1.Gaze on the body:
Through a continuous focus on specific parts of the body, such as fingers, legs, shoulders, we explore the changes in form when movement occurs in those areas. Through this gaze, the observer not only recognizes the movement but also becomes aware of the connection between the gaze, their own body, and the evolving emotions in that moment.

2.Gaze within the space between individuals:
Do you recall the sunlight peeking through buildings? Or the view between fingers framing a landscape? Perhaps the silhouette of a friend emerging from a crowd? As we direct our gaze within the space between individuals, we perceive emotions and anticipate subsequent actions, responding to the emotions evoked by our spatial focus.

3.Intense gaze directed at the other person’s eyes:
Mutual gazes create expressions beyond language. We explore and recognize the depth of communication conveyed through eye contact.

After representing these phenomena through movement, writing, and drawing, we share our experiences through conversation. By combining these gazes, we aim to share a perspective.