Savannah Theis leads a workshop sharing tools from her movement research and space to play with their choreographic potentials.

Savannah will share tools from her Symptom Scores practice, exploring symptoms as creative ‘dreaming’ material. Drawing on art, somatics, and facilitation approach Processwork, we’ll use drawing, imagining and improvised movement exercises to play with the choreographic potentials of the practice.

Symptom Scores is an evolving research project, comprising movement workshops, collective sense-making processes, and experiments for participatory performance. Informed by a somatic and political lens, the project explores possibilities for experientially unfolding information within bodily symptoms and reflecting on patterns they hold for us individually and collectively. Underpinning this is the idea from Processwork that symptoms have a social context and are not only our own, but expressions of a wider field of experiences and relations.

Open to those with an interest in improvised movement and experimentation. No prior experience necessary. Some exercises might include touch and moving alone and together. Following your body’s needs, however you are in the moment, is welcome.