Join us for WTF Thursdays

WTF Thursdays is a regular space creating possibilities for community-building amongst artists. For each event CDS hands over the keys to the building for an artist to host an event in the spirit of low-stakes, DIY action.

The space is offered with minimum oversight and a relaxed approach. If you want to make something happen, you can do! This space is focussed towards connection, rather than for rehearsal, and can be used for sharings, socials, book clubs, movie nights, seminars, contact jams or anything else that has a benefit for artists and your communities. All events are free for artists to attend.

Hosts offer their time as a gift to other artists. By hosting once, you are contributing to a varied programme of 30+ free experiences for the artist community every year. We therefore suggest that all offerings should be light touch – you do not need to host a fully planned workshop! 

This space is one of CDS’ commitments to the artists who rely on us. We offer this resource year-round, with or without funding. It ensures that there are always free ways for artists to connect and share practice. It also offers a way for hosts to try out a new idea, without needing to take on the risk of paying for space and selling tickets. We provide marketing for the events and a staff member to help on the night.


How to host an event

If you would like to host an evening and you haven’t yet joined CDS’ Artist Community, we ask that you first come along on a Thursday to get a sense of the vibe, and speak to a staff member about your idea. If you have any questions, you can email:

All WTF Thursdays events are listed on our Eventbrite.